Wrigley’s Sues Vape Company “Get Wrecked” Over Trademark Infringement

Attribution @Roadsidepictures
Attribution @Roadsidepictures


On Monday, January 29th, Wrigley’s filed a lawsuit against a Florida-based e-cigarette company, claiming trademark infringement.

The candy giant’s complaint claims that “Get Wrecked Juices LLC” is infringing trademarks and trade dress for their popular candies, Starburst and Skittles. Get Wrecked has allegedly begun selling e-cigarette flavors called Pink Starburst and Skeetlez.

The “Starburst” word is a direct copy, Wrigley’s says, and as for Skeetlez, it “is intended to be confusingly similar to Wrigley’s SKITTLES mark,” the plaintiff says, and “in such a way as to trade off of and infringe upon Wrigley’s famous SKITTLES mark and trade dress.”

Wrigley’s says one of their primary concerns is that by making use of candy-referencing flavor profiles, the company is marketing to children. This is a practice Wrigley’s says is of concern to food regulators and legislators.

This isn’t the first time Wrigley’s has had to defend their trademarks. In July 2017, Wrigley’s brought a similar suit against a different vape company over “Doublemint” and “Juicy Fruit” flavors, and similarly cited “growing concern” that flavored e-cigarettes are marketed toward children.

With active registrations for Starburst and Skittles spanning several decades, Wrigley’s intends to watch over their trademarks closely. Stay tuned for additional updates on this case.

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