Trademarks Tables Are Turning as Nintendo Sets its Plans in Motion

Attribution @EMR
Attribution @EMR


It seems like Nintendo, the Japanese-headquartered major video game company, is hinting at its next big move. Very recently, about nine trademarks were filed by Nintendo’s main branch located in Japan. The trademarks were registered as “downloadable videogame programs,” and were for:

  • The Octo image (from Nintendo’s “Splatoon” franchise);
  • Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers;
  • Luigi’s Mansion;
  • Mario & Luigi;
  • Metroid;
  • Metroid Prime;
  • Smash Bros.;
  • Wario Land; and
  • WarioWare.

While not much other details are known regarding the trademark filings, this is the second new trademark that was filed this year surrounding Nintendo’s ‘Wario’ character, which is leaving Wario fans hopeful that Nintendo will release a new Wario game sometime this year. Some sources speculate that this trademark filing was made in relation to Nintendo’s plans for this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2018 convention which will take place June 12-14 in Los Angeles, where Nintendo will definitely make more announcements regarding any upcoming IP.

Documents about the registered trademarks can be found at this link that was posted by Japanese Nintendo. The documents are all in Japanese.

Nintendo has also filed another trademark application for the logo from Ash Ketchum’s signature cap. Ash is the main protagonist on the popular children’s cartoon “Pokémon,” which is also one of Nintendo’s major video game franchises. The trademark was filed for clothing purposes, so it hints that Nintendo might be planning on producing some Pokémon-relating clothing in the future, maybe even in conjunction with a future release of a new Pokémon game. Images of the actual trademark application can also be found on Japanese Nintendo right here.

All of this surge of new developments are leaving gamers as excited as when it was revealed in February that the famous Mario Kart franchise was coming to mobile devices in a new smartphone game titled ‘Mario Kart Tour.’ As for now, all the world can do is wait for more details.

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