Sony recently obtained some gaming patents; will we see these on the PS5?

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Sony Interactive Entertainment, the San Mateo, California-based video game and digital entertainment company (which is a subsidiary company of the giant Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation), has recently obtained a new patent for a special type of user interface (UI) that operates by providing a custom UI to the player, based on their in-game (or application) activity.

The abstract of the patent reads:

“Methods and systems to provide a user interface to access games available for a user account. Selection of a game for game play is detected at the user interface and, in response, a game play is initiated. Interactions provided by a user during game play are used to affect an outcome of the game. The interactions are analyzed to determine game behavior of the user. Behavior metrics are generated for different portions of the game, based on the user’s game behavior. The behavior metrics for the user for the game are associated with a game icon of the game provided on the user interface, the association causes specific ones of the behavior metrics to be rendered for the different portions of the game during subsequent game play and are provided to help the user to improve the user’s game play for the different portions of the game.”

It is reported that the news of the patent was first discovered by TheGamePost, who noted the UI’s interface to be very identical in appearance to the PS4’s current user interface, suggesting that the PS5 might have a similar UI to the PS4. In an image listed in the patent, which was provided by IGN, this UI will offer hints to players, such as “go around hill and jump over truck”, presumably if a player is struggling with a particular area of a game.

In discussing the patent, IGN has suggested several possibilities that may come from the patent, such as the core console menus being more thoroughly subdivided, games possibly having their own tab, potentially seeing in-game statistics (including kills, player level, and points earned), and individual game tiles that will offer a lot of extra information.

Earlier this year, Sony filed another patent for a technology referred to as ‘Direct Gameplay,’ which is a feature that supposedly allows for players to jump into specific parts of games straight from the console’s home menu, which is assumed to be for the upcoming PS5 console. As reported by VGC, the ‘Direct Gameplay’ feature would allegedly allow users to launch directly into a multiplayer match, specific game chapter, or mode directly from the operating system menu, instead of a player having to boot a game from the home screen and then progress through a series of menus before actually being able to play the game.

Sony has also has another patent in the works, which would allow players to essentially pause during an online multiplayer game. What would happen is that the player stops performing any activities in the game, the player would be automatically replaced with a computer AI that would base its actions on “probabilities calculated from the tracked actions of the first player,” thereby preventing the multiplayer game from being interrupted while still preserving the player’s playstyle.

If Sony does actually decide to utilize this patent, it would most likely be incorporated into its highly-anticipated gaming console, the PS5, which is currently scheduled to be released somewhere around November 20, 2020.

A detailed image of the UI patent can be found here. A full detailed rendering of the patent application can be found here.

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