Samsung Sure is Keeping Busy at the USPTO: What Does This Mean For Consumers?

Attribution @Marufish
Attribution @Marufish


Samsung is moving quickly to get their J Series of smart devices on the ground and running. Several news sources have already reported Samsung’s release of the Galaxy J3 Top, the Galaxy J3 Orbit, the Galaxy J3 Star, the Galaxy J7 Crown, and the Galaxy J8 smartphone devices. They have even already released the Galaxy J7 Duo in India.

Well now, two more J-series models of smartphone devices surface as on last week Friday, April 6, Samsung filed trademarks with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for the names Galaxy J7 Aura and Galaxy J3 Aura, both categorized as ‘mobile phones; smartphones.’

In 2018, Samsung has already filed several trademarks for their J3 and J7 series:

J3 Series: J3 Star; Galaxy J3 Achieve; Galaxy J3 Orbit; and Galaxy J3 Aura

J7 Series: J7 Star; Galaxy J7 Aero; Galaxy J7 Eon; Galaxy J7 Refine; Galaxy J7 Crown; and Galaxy J7 Aura

It also seems to appear that the various naming is because the phones would be assigned different names depending on which mobile cellphone carrier company they are paired with.

If you want to view the filing application for the smartphones, you can click here for the Galaxy J7 Aura and here for the Galaxy J3 Aura.

Not only is Samsung filing trademarks for smartphones, they are also trying to trademark the term “Samsung Intelligent Display” with the USPTO as well, according to a filing dated last Friday. The filing categorized the term to TVs, monitors, set-top boxes, and general software for controlling multimedia devices. In early March, Jong-Hee Han, Samsung’s President and Head of Visual Display Business, specifically used the term “intelligent display” to refer to the capabilities of the next generation of the company’s television sets. The “intelligent display” technology is expected to be featured in all of Samsung’s upcoming Q-series models.

However, Samsung isn’t stopping there. They have also recently filed a new patent with the USPTO under patent number US D813,864 S. It’s for a ‘Wearable Electronic Device’ that seems to be a watch-like device that will have an ability to extend its display window. Specifically, it will feature a rectangular display that will extend to double the size of its frame. The designs of the patent also feature a curved screen that would wrap around the user’s arm, extending down towards the elbow.

Whether such a device will ever make its way to the consumer marketplace remains to be seen, but all of these new developments shed new light on some exciting possibilities for new technological advances. For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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