Is KISS Going to Retire? Recent Trademark Filing Indicates Possible Farewell Tour

Attribution @jonnamichelle
Attribution @jonnamichelle


Classic rock band KISS may be retiring soon. A recent trademark filing for the word mark “THE END OF THE ROAD” has appeared in the United States Patent and Trademark (USPTO) database, causing speculation that the band may be giving a farewell tour very soon. If the USPTO grants the trademark, it would mean only KISS could use it in connection with “live performances by a musical band.”

This certainly isn’t the first time the band has tried to trademark something. Notorious Gene Simmons once tied to trademark the “metal horns” hand gesture he repeatedly used in concert, but he was unsuccessful. Additionally, the band’s makeup, costumes and logo are protected under federal trademark law and used for both goods and services. These include records, clothing, dolls, and masks, as well as live entertainment.

Simmons already hinted at retirement in 2017, saying that the band had “a few more years” to go, but added: “[W]e’re not gonna be able to do it into our 70s, and I’m 67 now. We’ll do it for a few more years, and then when we think it’s time to go, we’ll go, and we’ll do it the right way, with a big party. I’d like to think that we would do something that rocks the planet — something big and worldwide and maybe free.”

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