Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Files a Trademark Lawsuit Amidst Rocky Divorce

Divorce is typically a very messy experience. Celebrity divorces even more so, and it seems that Dr. Dre’s divorce is growing exponentially more messy as time passes.

Nicole Young, the soon to be ex-wife of famous businessman and rap mogul Dr. Dre (born Andre Romelle Young), has filed another lawsuit in what is looking to be a very messy divorce against the rapper. Young is claiming that Dre forced her to leave their family home in April, and afterwards, began secretly transferring “valuable trademarks” that she claims they co-own, including the mark “Dr. Dre” and “The Chronic,” which is the name of one of Dr. Dre’s albums.

In the complaint, Young alleges that after she was kicked out of their home around April 2, 2020, Dre registered a new holding company, misrepresented himself as the sole owner of the marks, and then began transferring the “highly valuable trademarks” to his new holding company. Young also claims that Dre’s plan is to deprive Young of her trademark rights as co-owner. Young states that she has “demanded return of the trademarks,” and that Dre has “failed and refused to do so.”

Young claims that “it is inequitable and unjust” for Dre “to retain ownership of the trademarks, and the value they hold, without paying Nicole or allowing her to maintain her equal ownership.” This lawsuit is just part of a highly public divorce proceed between Young and Dre, who were married for 24 years. Young filed for divorce on June 29. Young’s lawyers allegedly made a statement, claiming that Dre’s “transparent and reprehensible scheme to transfer these assets away, without Nicole’s knowledge or consent, so he could retain more for himself in a divorce from his wife of 24 years, and the mother of his three children, is an epic failure and reveals the true nature of his character, or lack thereof.”

It would seem that the basis of the argument is that the trademarks in question are presumed to be community property pursuant to Section 760 of the California Family Code. Young alleges that the period of time during which the valuable trademarks were filed coincided with Dre’s years of rising success in the music industry. Since they were already married at the time the trademarks were filed (beginning in 1997) and obtained (through 2013), through their marriage at the time, it made them community property owners, and therefore, Nicole and Dre therefore owned the trademarks jointly.

Throughout this divorce proceeding, Dre has responded by revealing that he and Young had a prenuptial agreement, although there are initial reports claiming that they did not have a prenuptial agreement. Young has disputed the validity of that agreement, and claims that she was forced to sign it and that Dre eventually ripped it up after they were married in an allegedly romantic gesture, which rendered the agreement invalid; Dre denies ripping up the agreement. The legitimacy of the prenuptial agreement is being challenged in a separate lawsuit.

Young is asking for monetary damages in an amount to be determined at trial, and also asks for the trademarks in question to be transferred to a trust. According to documents obtained by People, Young is also seeking approximately $2 million in monthly temporary spousal support, and $5 million in legal fees.

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