Apple’s Siri-ous Struggle Over Their Explosive iPhones

Attribution @Allen
Attribution @Allen

A man from Fresno, California by the name of Nwabueze Umeh is the latest plaintiff in a series of lawsuits against the cell phone tech giant Apple, Inc. and some of its vendors after his iPhone 6 allegedly caught fire and injured him. The lawsuit, which is the latest of five other similar lawsuits, was filed on Oct. 11 by Gustafson Nicolai PC (Gustafson), the law firm representing Umeh in Fresno County Superior Court. Umeh is seeking actual and punitive damages for his injuries, as well as mental anguish that he suffered when his iPhone exploded on May 20. The documents submitted with the lawsuit provide only vague information about the injuries Umeh experienced after his device ignited. An additional defendant named in the lawsuit is Airtouch Cellular, Inc., which is allegedly the company that sold Umeh the defective iPhone. Gustafson is a Los Angeles-based law firm that is currently representing multiple people around the country who claim that they were injured when their iPhones caught fire and injured them as well.

Most of the lawsuits filed also include different vendors, stores, and mobile carriers that sold the iPhones, including AT&T and Verizon, and all of the plaintiffs claim that they suffered injuries due to iPhones that caught fire, without providing any other specifics in this regard. A cited source says that three of the now five plaintiffs are adults and one is a minor, with one man from Manhattan Beach describing how his device burst into flames right in his right pocket. Another lawsuit alleges that the iPhone caused “multiple injuries, both internal and external,” as well as burns, mental anxiety, aches, shocks to the nervous system, and other various injuries.

Each of the different complaints filed by Gustafson sets forth separate claims for general negligence and products liability in connection with the Apple iPhone 6 products that reportedly exploded and injured the plaintiffs. The complaints seek damages for lost wages, loss of the use of property, various medical and hospital expenses, general damages, property damages, loss of earning capacity, and even seeks punitive and exemplary damages. Gustafson, which specializes in civil litigation, including personal injury matters, is continuing to investigate the matter and is interested in speaking to any other individuals who claim that they have suffered similar injuries due to iPhone explosions.

Apple has yet to issue a statement on the lawsuits, and as per the company’s typical position with pending litigation, will most likely not issue a comment preemptively. If you’re interested in checking out each case individually, you can find the complaints here:

Jalaycia T. v. Apple Inc. et. al., 17cv314575, in the Santa Clara County Superior Court

Kenneth Speaks v. Apple Inc. et. al., 17cv312922, in the Santa Clara County Superior Court

Thomas Morley v. Apple, Inc., 17cv310047, in the Santa Clara County Superior Court

Alex Romero v. Apple Inc. et. al., bc658648, in the Los Angeles County Superior Court

Nwabueze Umeh v. Apple Inc. et. al., 17cecg03499, in the Fresno County Superior Court

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